Bobby Denton records his last song

Bobby Denton is almost seventy four years old and began singing and playing guitar when he was 9 years old. Accept for a forty year sabbatical from music while he raised his family, he never gave up the love for music. He says he went from “Rock & Roll”, to “Rock & Old”.

In 1996, Ava Aldridge and Jimmy Johnson produced an album of gospel songs for him at Studios in the Shoals as a fund raiser for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. The CD “My God And I” is still a gospel song favorite around the world via the internet ( and on YouTube).

After his new start with recording he continued recording as a hobby. Now, fifty five years after his first recording (“A Fallen Star”) made at radio station WLAY in Muscle Shoals in 1957, he has recorded eighty two songs in studios from Nashville, TN, Huston, TX, to Saltillo, MS, and most of the studios in the Shoals. Bobby said, “I have always taken pride in using the very best people I could get to help me record”. He jokingly says, “All my records have sold less than a million”. And, describes his music as his little “ministry” giving away more than he sells.

His new recording that he says will probably be his last is the classic, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Bobby says, “This song seems like the perfect song to end a good life of recording music. It is a song that you can enjoy hearing over and over again. It is powerful and suggests the importance of love and true friendship. My little dog “Sweetie” motivated me to record this wonderful song”.

He was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in 2010, receiving the Pioneer Award in Alabama music. The long-time serving State Senator says he plans to continue performing live programs for senior citizens and special events around the Shoals for as long as possible.

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